Collecting experience in field of lock making(production),for more than 20 years,Milad IndustrialTool Manufacturing Company MITO , has considered its greatest honor respecting and giving attention to its costumers,which has been our top priority in making policy of our company.The most precise industrial machines(machinery) ,and advanced technical science,have been employed to ensure the perfection of our very expert staff. Processing industrial designing,mold manufacturing,injecting Zamac(hot chamber),plastic injection,light and heavy pressing,turning,mass turning,machinery work,key manufacturing,finishing and coating,assembly,and quality control divisions,this manufacturing unit has granted as flexibility to support our costumers with all necessities.Choosing the best quality and standard have been the main elements of MITO''s programming.Producing tools and equipments and installations(for industrial electrical boxes,metal cupboards,automobiles and buildings)and molding industrial pieces,have made us accompany many friends and experts that each has provide us with a specific learning.We are honored that we are your best choice,we have learned well our responsibilities in return of our trust.